The main LTP Studio is located in Long Island, NY (Locust Valley). It is a peaceful and airy space, filled with soft neutral colors that are a central component of the LPT Studio style. There is an extensive wardrobe to choose from for babies (newborn to 24 months), moms, dads and siblings (2T - 6), and simple backdrops, wraps, blankets and props that are timeless and classic. Props are kept very simple so that the focus is kept on the subjects being photographed. Hats, blankets and wraps are often incorporated into the session, always in soft colors of cream, ivory, grey and beige, with variety brought in through textures rather than pattern and color.

The LI studio also has a sound proof playroom for older siblings, so that after the sibling and family shots have been taken we can focus on the baby in a quiet, calm environment.

NYC studio sessions are held in the LTP studio midtown East Manhattan. The extensive studio wardrobe and props are also available for these sessions. 

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