What to expect

Each LTP Portrait Session is completely customized for you. While the specific details of each session vary from family to family, the two most important components to a successful session remain the same: Lighting and Location!

The right lighting is absolutely essential in creating a beautiful portrait, and will be the first consideration when determining the timing of your session. For outdoor portraits the best time to photograph is during the golden hour - late in the day in the 90 minutes before sunset. If you have small children, a nap, a special treat or snack so that they are awake and happy during that golden hour is very helpful. For outdoor sessions I will be in touch the week of the session to confirm the exact time for the session, and to discuss any potential weather issues. Indoor sessions either at my studio or at your home can be done during the late morning or midday hours, when the light is soft and gorgeous.

The right location is a critical factor in creating a beautiful and unique portrait. I spend a lot of time scouting locations to find the most beautiful light and setting, and have a number of location suggestions for our session. On location portraits, either at your home, or at an outdoor location of your choosing may be provided if you have a beautifully lit room in your home, or a special location such as a farm, beautifully planted garden, or an open field. It can often be very special and sentimental to create your portraits in a space that has special meaning to you and your family.

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